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About us

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Glux Lighting consists of a passionate,professional and proactive team with 20 years experience in LED commercial lighting. 

Inspired with Gratitude, Growth and Guidance, as a manufacturing vendor, we have been undertaking plenty of end-to-end


project managements for our esteemed customers.Furthermore, we have vertical setup business chain to control the quality and price well.

We prioritize all potential customers as our VIP customers. Our mission is we grow with our customers,so that we can win-win in the future.

We would highly encourage you to try us. We will make sure that we will deliver to you the value you deserve very soon.



Contact: Jena Wong

Phone: 185 7862 7894

Tel: 136 0305 4180

Email: info@gluxlight.com

Add: 105 Zixing Road, Kengzi Subdistrict, Pingshan District, Shenzhen,China